The Ohr Fellowships is on a mission to build the Jewish future by reconnecting with its past. Through practical and in-depth Torah learning, inspiring classes , motivating lectures, and community interaction, that sleeping giant called the Jewish soul is ignited. In almost no time, the students begin feeling and understanding what it means to be a Jew, and connect to their Jewish heritage.

The results have been earth shattering! In only two and a half years, one small program in Miami Beach became 4 all over south Florida (with other communities mirroring the Ohr Fellowships model in their own town). They include a north Miami Beach and Boca Raton program, as well as a girls program in Miami Beach. Attendance each week is between 150-200 students. Over 50 students in the last two years have advanced in their growth by deciding to learn for a year or more in Israel. Many others have kept up with their learning and growth while in college or in the working world.

The girls Ohr Fellowships program since its inception has been one of the most dynamic and powerful girls outreach programs in the country. Due to the hard work and dedication of Mrs. Rikki Stein, the program has reached out to more than 180 girls in the short span of a little over a year. The only thing more amazing than the turnout are the incredible results. Many of the girls have become Shabbos observant, kosher, and more modest in their daily lives. A number of girls have also gone to seminary in Israel to advance their growth. This program is something absolutely amazing that just keeps getting better

Ohr fellowships needs you! All of the Ohr fellowships students are paired up with dedicated community members to learn prepared material one night a week for one hour. All of the material is practical, in-depth, and mentally stimulating. The impact you can have by dedicating just one hour a week is beyond words. Students have grown from little to no knowledge of Judaism, to dedicating their lives to Torah and mitzvos. All it takes is one hour a week.

If you, or anyone you know is interested in bringing the Ohr Fellowships to their community, please contact Rabbi Tzvi Jacob at

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