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Come explore the beauty of our heritage. Learn how Judaism can enhance your life!”

Ohr on Campus introduces the girls division of Ohr fellowships. Our girls division is open to the unaffiliated and undereducated young Jewish adult girls of South Florida. Once a week, all these girls will have the wonderful opportunity to come together and discuss engaging and relevant topics of Judaism pertaining to daily life with women from the community. These women of the community, who are eager to educate and befriend this amazing group of girls, will serve as mentors and role models for the group. With time and patience, this interaction will develop into a special friendship that will last a lifetime!  These discussions will be followed by a delicious supper and a chance to hear a riveting lecture from talented speakers on the discussed topic. In addition, there will be opportunities for many girls to learn 1:1 in the homes of their mentors during other nights of the week. The ultimate goal of the girls division Ohr Fellowships program is to create a fun and exciting environment, where girls can learn and connect to true Torah values, while developing important and special relationships.

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