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In this week’s Torah portion is a scary promise by the Almighty. H-m promises the Jewish people that when they keep the Torah and its commandments, everything will be amazing and wonderful. Life will be full of blessing and goodness, without boundaries. An unbelievable life of peace and tranquility in order to serve the Almighty properly. However, that’s when the will of H-m is being performed.

The Torah then depicts what will happen when the Jewish people stray away from the Torah. It’s not a pretty picture! Death and destruction, followed by more terror, and topped off with mass exile from the holy land. However, the Torah’s reason for all this might shock the reader. One might think that simply not keeping the Almighty’s command is what warrant’s all the curses of the parsha. That’s definitely true, but with a twist. The Torah in chapter 28, pasuk 47 of parshas Ki-savo says an unbelievable statement that could shake someone to the core. It says that the reason for all the mass destruction is due to lack of serving the Almighty with simcha (happiness/delight) from all the good that we have. Unbelievable! One can perform all the commandments of the Torah with fervor and zealousness, and not miss any intricacy whatsoever, and still be doomed for destruction. Why? All this from lack of happiness in the service of H-m. The question is begging to be asked, how could that be? How could someone fulfill all the commandments, and due to lack of delight be punished?

The question is definitely earth shattering, and needs an intense and lengthy answer to do justice to the topic. However, there is a specific point here that needs elucidation. The commandments of the Almighty are not meant to be strenuous, back breaking, and un-accomplishable. On the contrary, one is supposed to feel a sense of joy from fulfilling the will of H-m. Whether they’re hard is a different story. Of course the commandments aren’t always easy. If they were, life would be too simple. We’re in this world to work and accomplish. However, the utter fulfillment of H-m’s will itself should give someone a sense of joy. The fact that one could do the commandments, and through that get closer the Almighty. It’s a privilege that everyone should be happy and thankful for. And if someone doesn’t feel that sense of joy and happiness from doing the Almighty’s will, something is very wrong. And sadly, sometimes there’s a rude awakening in store.


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