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There is a concept mentioned in this week’s Torah portion by Rashi. The parsha describes the commandment of shiluach hakein, sending away the mother bird from its nest. When one is interested in eggs and finds a nest full of them (even only one egg), he or she must first shoo away the mother bird. Only afterwards may that person take the eggs for themselves. One who fulfills this commandment is promised by the Almighty long life. Directly after this passage is a seemingly unconnected commandment, pertaining to someone who builds a new house. The Torah states that one who builds a new house must secure a fence around the roof, in order to safeguard the roof. Next is a law about planting ones vineyard, and other random laws. However, Rashi explains to us how they’re not so random after all.

In Rashis commentary on the commandment of fencing ones roof on his new house, he says an amazing concept. The reason why this commandment is directly after the commandment of sending away the mother bird is to tell us what the Almighty has in store for those who keep his will. If one keeps the commandment of shooing away the mother bird, he or she will merit building a new house, requiring the commandment of building a fence around the roof. And through that, the merit of having a vineyard, requiring keeping its laws; and so on and so forth. This concept is called mitzvah goreres mitzvah, fulfillment of a commandment leads to another commandment. By one keeping the Almighty’s will, that person merits a special closeness with H-m. In accordance, when one does the Almighty’s will, that person merits more opportunity for getting closer to H-m by way of more commandments. Such an amazing concept!!!

There are many times where one may feel a lack of closeness to anything spiritual. The feeling of closeness to the Almighty just isn’t there. Rashi is screaming that the Torah is hinting an unforgettable message! When one feels the lack of connection with his creator, it might be due to lack of fulfillment of his will. If somehow one could just grab on to one of the commandments and do the will of his or her creator, it will lead to more opportunity for serving the Almighty. It’s only a matter of time before that feeling of closeness to the Almighty will come back. All one has to do is perform the will of H-m, and everything will fall right into place.

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