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parshas nitzavim

There’s almost no need to explain anything in this week’s Torah portion; it explains itself. The amount one can grow in fear of heaven and closeness to the Almighty from just reading the words of the parsha is immeasurable. The words are seeping through and through with fundamental lessons for every Jew’s life. One of those underlining themes is the horrible trait of complacency, and what happens to those who fall into its snare. Complacency is like a deep trench, needing a crane to lift oneself out. In this case, that crane is the power of teshuva (repentance), one of the greatest gifts the Almighty bestows upon his beloved children. Although the Jewish people tend to distance themselves from their creator through misdeeds, there’s always a chance to come back. As the Torah states, the Almighty is extremely merciful, and desires repentance from all of his children, rather than destruction.

As amazing as it sounds, teshuva is no easy task! It’s a struggle and takes tons and tons of work. With all that this physical world has to offer the senses, to break away from its grapple for even a moment is a daunting task. If for just a moment the task is as enormous as it is, it’s no kidding that complete repentance is a monumental feat. How can one actually get to that state?

The Torah has the secret lying in its beautiful words. The Torah in parshas Devarim, the 30th chapter, the first 6 verses, depicts the aftermath of the Almighty’s “fury” against his nation due to their abundant sinning (from complacency). The Torah writes how one will see this, and bring the lesson into his heart. Through this, repentance will commence, and the Jewish nation will return to their land. Directly after this, the Torah says that the Almighty himself will “remove the cover blocking our hearts (from connecting to H-m) in order to love him with all our hearts and all our souls”. Such perplexing words! How does removal of a cover on our hearts bring us to loving the Almighty?

The Torah is giving away one of its greatest secrets. Such a gift doesn’t exist anywhere else in the universe and is absolutely priceless. The Jewish neshama (soul) is inherently seeping with love and fear of H-m. One merely needs to tap into that wellspring of connection to the Almighty. One the one hand, due to our physical nature, the task is physically impossible. One cannot simply remove his or her physical self in order to tap into the power of their neshama. However, when one internalizes the lessons surrounding their life and tries to repent, the Almighty himself will grant unbelievable heavenly assistance to reach that goal. It’s in the hands of each and every Jew to reach the ultimate levels in closeness to H-m, but only with his help. That love for the almighty is inside, waiting to leap out like a lion. All one has to do is try.

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